Class Planning Worksheet

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Are you a newer yoga teacher trying to find your voice?

  • Build your tribe by connecting deeply with those who you are meant to serve

  • Get confident in your teaching skills and break through the fears

  • Learn simple techniques to plan inspiring and unique classes with ease

Start helping those that need you!

  • Step out of the shadow of your teacher

  • Stop comparing yourself to others around you and on social media 

  • Discover what you have to offer your clients

  • Find your unique voice


Let's chat! In a complimentary 30 minute call, we can:

  • develop your story

  • find out who you are truly meant to serve

  • learn ways to build your tribe and start filling classes

Do you want to:

ADD_1072_CG_Oct15 (1).jpg
  • Stand out from the sea of other yoga teachers?

  • Find out who you are meant to serve?

  • Get paid for your passion?

  • Plan, sequence and theme classes easily?

  • Spend more time on your own yoga and spiritual practices?

  • Find your authentic voice?

  • Get noticed?

  • Build your tribe and get more clients online and in your community?

I love this group so if you’re thinking about it, do it! It helps keep you accountable on learning. Crystal provides us with the tools to become our best selves! I especially love our weekly conference calls. It’s wonderful to know that someone is cheering us on to be the teachers we want to be! Sometimes it’s hard to find your niche or where you see yourself as a teacher but Crystal helps you to find direction and pushes you to step outside your comfort zone! All things to build your authentic self!! Proud to be a part of this group and journey.”
— Misty Marko

Taking Crystal’s online program has helped me feel so much more comfortable and confident as a future yoga teacher! I have learned so much on the business side of yoga as well as the teaching aspect which is something I was really scared of when starting teacher training. I love meeting with her in the virtual classroom as it allows me to ask questions, see demos, connect and be held accountable. I feel ready to start teaching!!
— Meli De Los Santos

Join me in the one-to-one coaching program to help newer yoga teachers, just like you, learn how to:

  • develop empowering classes that will keep your students coming back for more

  • find your unique voice

  • connect with your dream students

  • start making money from your passion

  • turn this into a more full time gig

  • create the type of business you dream of

  • stop sabotaging your growth because of your fears

  • stop playing small 

Get personalized attention and mentorship

Investment: $397/month for 3 months

Get 1-to-1 coaching to go deeper into:

  • Finding your tribe
  • Discovering your unique voice
  • Finding ways to create more income
  • Creating blog and social media posts to connect you with your ideal client
  • Finding how to connect with your local community
  • What is holding you back
  • Your fears
  • Creating your signature program


Deadline for bonuses is July 28th

Bonus #1:

  • Be a part of the group coaching program

  • 6-12 customized class plans

  • Social media content

  • A content calendar

  • Weekly 1-to-1 coaching calls

  • Weekly tasks to propel your business and teaching forward

  • Weekly workbook to keep you on track

  • The confidence to continue planning amazing classes on your own


Bonus #2:

You'll also receive complimentary access to the next round of the Yoga Goddess Academy. In the Yoga Goddess Academy, you'll:

  • have access to the membership site

  • get an abundance of ideas for themes for your classes
  • be held accountable for your spiritual practice
  • get wellness tips including self-care practices and recipes
  • gain in-depth knowledge about the chakras and how to balance them
  • learn a broad range of spiritual practices
  • have access to eight highly qualified spiritual teachers
  • have the ability to watch daily live streams or recordings from one of the Yoga Goddesses each day
  • receive a workbook

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