Becoming a confident, successful yoga teacher just got easier . . .


Tired of Feeling Like An Imposter?


You’re just seconds away from the community, advice, and support you need to level up and finally feel ready to take the next step on your yoga teaching journey. 



Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’ve graduated from your YTT, certificate in hand, but no idea where to go, which leaves you feeling lost, overwhelmed, and alone.
  • You have tried to put yourself out there but didn’t get the results you wanted so now you feel scared to try again because you don’t want to fail.
  • Your teacher training left you feeling like you don’t know enough of the foundations so you feel like an imposter, like someone who’s just trying to seem like a yoga teacher, while not really feeling like one.
  • There’s a constant whirlwind of worries about cueing poses properly, sequencing classes in ways that make sense, and just generally being able to get in front of students to teach.
  • You’ve spent so much time, energy, and money on your yoga career that you feel like you should already have the skills, but you don’t, which makes you feel like this might have all been a complete waste of time.
  • You feel like all the other yoga teachers make it look so easy while you’re over here wondering who would take YOU seriously as a yoga teacher. 


You deserve to make it as a yoga teacher.

You deserve to have a non-judgmental place to refine your skills and gain confidence so you can really start putting yourself out there. 



That’s What Inspired Me To Create This Community


I was fed up with hearing stories from newer teachers with so much potential, just like you, that were giving up on their yoga teaching dreams.


Don't give up on YOUR dreams if your yoga teacher training:


Didn’t offer the level of support that you thought you’d get after you already handed over your cash . . . 


Gave you a certificate but weren’t giving advice on what to actually DO with that certificate . . . 


Added you to a community of other trainees with no clear guidance or answers from yoga teachers who were actually successful . . .


Thankfully, all of that is behind you...

Introducing the

Yoga Wisdom Collective

The Yoga Wisdom Collective is the leading community for newer yoga teachers and even not-so-new teachers that want to find ways to level up.


It’s a group coaching and training program by successful yoga teachers FOR yoga teachers!


And it’s packed with in-depth, practical training, community, and resources on all aspects of teaching such as . . . 


✔️ Building confidence

✔️ Creating your own community

✔️ Enhancing your teaching skills

✔️ Designing your personal practice

✔️ Building your business


PLUS get direct access to my expertise and the community support you need to ensure you reach your full potential.


Hey there! I’m the founder of this program along with the Crystal Gray Yoga Method.

I’ve spent years guiding yogis into becoming successful yoga teachers and honestly, it’s my favorite thing to do!

I personally believe that there’s no better way for me to make a difference than to help YOU make  a difference in your student’s lives.

I want to help you do that by giving you all the confidence, teaching skills, and business tools you need to thrive as a yoga teacher.


Hi! I’m Crystal’s right hand gal and lead assistant teacher for the Yoga Wisdom Collective.

Consider me your personal support coach because there is nothing I want more than to see you succeed in this program!

I love helping yoga teachers in a very open and transparent way, the real struggles of being a yoga teacher, and how to combat any hurdles. 

I have had a long journey of ever changing struggles and learned to teach through a lot of adversity.

I am extremely passionate about helping you do the same thing with complete confidence.

"The Yoga Wisdom Collective has changed my life. It is a community and sisterhood, built on a foundation of knowledge and strength. With love and support I have grown to be an incredible yoga teacher and the truest version of myself. Very grateful I found the Collective!"

Nicole Menzzasalma

The Collective will help you . . .


✔️ Build a business you love, that generates way more income than the traditional route of solely teaching weekly classes at a studio and finally gives you the freedom and schedule you want


✔️ Attract more students and keep them engaged and inspired by your classes so they stick around and you can actually start building your community 


✔️ Finally get the reins on the technical side of building and maintaining your yoga business - saving you hours of frustration


✔️ Eliminate the guesswork and stop throwing stuff at the wall, hoping something sticks, by getting exact steps to follow


✔️ Tap into the collective knowledge & experience of a community of yoga teachers and experts who are there to support each other


✔️ Become infinitely better at managing your business, planning your classes, and teaching yoga on a day to day basis, so that you have way more time and far less stress

What Makes Us Different?

Access to Expertise

Tap into my 18 years of experience in the industry as well as my knowledge as a 6-figure yoga business owner, highly-skilled senior yoga teacher, and yoga teacher trainer not to mention the guest experts and other community members that are highly specialized and successful in their own right. 

We Walk The Talk

Where others teach things they haven’t done themselves, shy away from yoga teaching skills, or solely focus on the business, I bring in the best of both worlds. It doesn’t matter how good you are at business if you can’t teach well and it doesn’t matter how well you can teach if you can’t find students!

Peer Support

With a rapidly expanding number of members - all fellow yoga teachers - the Yoga Wisdom Collective community is there 24/7 to answer all your questions and provide feedback and support! This is the feature many clients cherish the most!

We Help You Take Your Next Step.




As a yoga teacher, it’s easy to feel lost, not knowing your next step. After all, there’s no roadmap for you to follow.


This is because the yoga teaching landscape has changed so dramatically! And as a result of this, I’ve seen TONS of yoga teachers struggle to find their next step. 


So, I took it upon myself to create THREE distinct roadmaps for you to follow that will give you direction and ensure you reach your goals. 

Roadmap #1

Yoga Teacher Foundations

Brand new to teaching? Start Here!


Roadmap #2

Teaching Skills Level Up

Have the basics down but ready to up-level your teaching? Start here!


Roadmap #3

Business Foundations

Time to start building a following? Start here!

Roadmap #4

Business Elevation

Ready to take your biz to the next level? Start here!

Beyond the Roadmaps and our private virtual community, we make sure to include tons of connection, support, skill-enhancement, and confidence-building with our EIGHT monthly calls!


Training sessions held on Sundays from 9-10:30am Central/Chicago time (convert to your time zone here)


⓵ The first call of the month uses astrology to set a monthly theme then create a class plan and sequence around this theme so we can create the most impact in our student’s lives

⓶ Our second call of the month is the Teaching Skills Lab where we dive into teaching techniques that will support you in gaining confidence so you begin to FEEL like a yoga teacher

⓷ The third call of the month is the Business Breakthrough training session that will give you the knowledge you need to find your next step and know how to TAKE that step

⓸ And the fourth call of the month is our group coaching call which focuses on assessing the past month’s goals and setting new goals for the upcoming month so you are held accountable to moving forward


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