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Come together with some down-to-earth yogis in this intimate, learning-style retreat designed to lift you up and give you the confidence and tools you need to move forward!



Register for this special retreat for yoga teachers just 55 miles south of Chicago!

Only $399 | 13 Hours CEU's



What can you expect at this event?

We know, attending things like this can be scary.

It's easy to feel like everyone else will know more than you and you'll feel like a fraud.

Listen, I get it and I can assure you that this learning retreat will make you feel 100% supported.

You'll feel seen. You'll find you're not the only one who doesn't always feel like a "typical" yoga teacher.

This community will welcome you with open arms and you'll feel right at home.

Not only will you walk away with more skills and confidence, but you'll walk away with lifelong friendships.



Your yoga teacher training is only the first step in the journey, but unfortunately, there is not much support for yoga teachers.  


Many yoga teachers get caught up in the certification wheel and postpone teaching classes until they feel "ready".


You think more certifications will make them feel ready but . . .


They don't.


This is why I created this unique learning-style retreat for yoga teachers.


It's a safe space to come learn and grow, while trying out new teaching techniques, deepening your own personal practice, and building lasting connections.


These are the things that will help propel you forward.

 A Learning-Style Retreat for Yoga Teachers


July 12th-14th, 2024 | Bourbonnais, Illinois | 55 Miles South of Chicago



What Makes Us Different?

Intimate Gathering

Most conferences have hundreds of attendees. This can leave you feeling like you were just a number. We never want you to feel that way! At our events, you'll walk away feeling like you made actual connections, got your questions answered, and truly leveled up.

Focused On Teachers

Most yoga conferences have a mix of sessions for all yogis and some for yoga teachers. At our event, you'll know that each session you attend will help you move the needle forward in your teaching or business.

Strategic Sessions

We don't just let anyone apply to teach at our event. After 18 years in the business, Crystal has made deep connections and hand-picked the teachers leading sessions. This ensures quality of the sessions but also helps us to create a specific type of approachable, non-judgmental atmosphere.


Hey there! I’m the founder of this conference along with the Crystal Gray Yoga Method.

I’ve spent years guiding yogis into becoming successful yoga teachers and honestly, it’s my favorite thing to do!

I personally believe that there’s no better way for me to make a difference than to help YOU make  a difference in your student’s lives.

I want to help you do that by giving you all the confidence, teaching skills, and business tools you need to thrive as a yoga teacher in a super approachable, accessible, non-judgmental environment!

I really love for you to join us,



Hi! I’m Crystal’s right hand gal and one of the lead assistant teacher for the Yoga Wisdom Gathering.

Consider me your cheerleader during this conference because there is nothing I want more than to see you succeed!

I love helping yoga teachers in a very open and transparent way, the real struggles of being a yoga teacher, and how to combat any hurdles. 

I have had a long journey of ever changing struggles and learned to teach through a lot of adversity.

I am extremely passionate about helping you do the same thing with complete confidence.

Hope to meet you there,


Dat Dude Jonny

Dat Dude Jonny is just dat dude, named Jonny.  See, before he was a certified yoga teacher or the Chief Yoga Officer of Metta Mats, he was just a dude who began practicing yoga to heal, and grow, and climb back from rock bottom.

Daren Friesen

Daren is the director of Moksha Yoga Center in Chicago. His teaching style infuses Astanga & Vinyasa flow practices with bandha, mudra and kriya techniques. Having studied in India on over 20 trips, he enjoys teaching classical yoga to the modern world.

Jennifer Pansa-Rohr

Jennifer Pansa Rohr has 14 years of experience teaching globally. She's appeared in Yoga Journal, Forbes, and taught on Richard Branson's private island. Jennifer specializes in empowering yoga teachers to build confidence in their businesses and how to work with essential oils.

Tami Galbreath

Tami is a trauma-informed yoga teacher specializing in restorative yoga. She loves sharing the power of restorative yoga with other yoga teachers, inspiring them to add this healing practice into their classes.

Crystal is the best yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer that I’ve ever worked with! Her programs are very thorough, fun, and really leave you feeling fully prepared to start teaching. Highly recommend working with Crystal!

Caitlin Red Yoga

Are you ready to stop feeling like an imposter and start feeling like an ACTUAL yoga teacher?


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Everyone’s journey is different. But you don't have to walk it alone!



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