Never feel alone on your yoga teaching journey again.


Meet Crystal

Hey there! I’m the founder of this program along with the Crystal Gray Yoga Method.

I’ve spent years guiding yogis into becoming successful yoga teachers and honestly, it’s my favorite thing to do!

I personally believe that there’s no better way for me to make a difference than to help YOU gain all the support, confidence, and teaching skills you need to make a difference in your students' lives.


Meet Christy

Hi! I’m Crystal’s right hand gal and lead assistant teacher for the Yoga Wisdom Collective.

Consider me your personal support coach because there is nothing I want more than to see you succeed in this program!

I love helping yoga teachers in a very open and transparent way, the real struggles of being a yoga teacher, and how to combat any hurdles. 

I have had a long journey of ever changing struggles and learned to teach through a lot of adversity.

I am extremely passionate about helping you do the same thing with complete confidence.

Nicole Menzzasalma

"The Yoga Wisdom Collective has changed my life. It is a community and sisterhood, built on a foundation of knowledge and strength. With love and support I have grown to be an incredible yoga teacher and the truest version of myself. Very grateful I found the Collective!"



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